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Multiply Your Business

Join KW Cares for the third annual Multiply Your Business, a special one-day virtual event featuring more than a dozen of KW’s most successful agents and leaders.

As they share their secrets for success, you’ll learn how you, too, can build a multimillion-dollar business at Keller Williams. 

For the first time ever, VIP packages are available! Your VIP ticket includes:

  • Exclusive access to two group coaching sessions:
    • With Associate Broker and MC Investor Kelly Henderson: Tuesday, October 17, 1:30 p.m. Central
    • With OP Mike Duley: Wednesday, October 18, 1:30 p.m. Central
  • Free limited edition Multiply Your Business shirt
  • Admission to the main event
  • Full recording

Ticket sales benefit KW associates and their immediate family members in times of hardship through KW Cares grants and emergency relief.

Multiply Your Caring

$328,981/ $350,000

You’re Doing Good by Attending

Ticket sales support our mission.

Featured Speakers

This all-star roster of presenters will equip you with their personal strategies and practices for accelerating growth and success.

Mo Anderson

KW Cares Board Chair

Beverly Steiner

KW Cares Board Vice Chair

Marc King

President, KWRI

Jason Abrams

Head of Industry, KWRI

Mike Duley

Operating Principal of NW Arkansas, CEO of The Duley Group

Jeff Glover


Kelly Henderson

Associate Broker, MC Investor, KW Cares Board Member

David Huffaker

Platform Owner, Operating Principal, KWU Approved Trainer

Jay Papasan

Vice President of Strategic Content, KWRI

Kami Binstock

Community Specialist, KWRI

Andre Chin

Operating Principal, Mega Team Owner, Expansion Team Owner

Jen Davis

CEO, Holt Homes Group and Vice President, KW MAPS Coaching

Caroline Huo

Rainmaker, Investor, Community Leader for KW Luxury

Lorraine Jordan

Entrepreneur, Author, Keynote Speaker, Coach

Kymber Lovett-Menkiti

Regional Director, Maryland/DC and President, Keller Williams Capital Properties

Ken Pozek

Team Leader of the Pozek Group

Gene Rivers

Operating Principal, Multiple Business Owner, KWU Master Faculty

Bo Smith

BOLD Coach

Tara Smith

Operating Principal and Maps Leadership Coach

Brett Tanner

Community Wealth Leader

Natascha Tello

Operating Partner Level 5 Leadership

Nick Waldner

CEO, Waldner Winters Team

Michael Ward

Director of Teamerage, KWRI

Schedule of Events

11:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. CST
  • Michael Ward: Teamerage at KW
  • Jen Davis: Creating Strong Relationships with Leaders in Your Organization
  • Jason Abrams: A Special Message
  • Andre Chin: Buying Real Estate by Using None of Your Own Money
  • Lorraine Jordan: How Every Agent Can Do 100 Deals per Year Like Me
12:00–1:00 p.m. CST
  • Ken Pozek: Agent to Agent Referrals
  • Kymber Lovett-Menkiti: Build Your Business Through Community Engagement
  • Kelly Henderson: Quick Net Worth Growth by Re-margining and Bad Debt Reduction
  • Marc King: The Value of Giving
  • Gene Rivers: Be a Millionaire Agent – Follow The Paper Trail
1:00–2:00 p.m. CST
  • Kami Binstock: Maximize Your Potential
  • Tara & Bo Smith: How to Win Your People as a Leader
  • Mo Anderson & Beverly Steiner: A Special Message
2:00–4:00 p.m. CST
  • Nick Waldner: Keystone Habits, Mentorship and Emotional Intelligence! 9 Mins, 3 BIG Tactics!
  • Jay Papasan: Give a Million
  • Caroline Huo: Lessons from Gary Keller & John Maxwell – Reassess, Realign, Reengage
  • Jeff Glover: Generating Leads Through Social Media
  • Brett Tanner: Your Net Worth and How to Build it to $50 Million
  • David Huffaker: Lead Generation Tactics for a Balanced Business
  • Natascha Tello: Find the Motivated in Any Market

Hear from Past Attendees

“[Multiply Your Business was] the best training I've seen. . . . I have needed something to get me back to the basics and this was it! Great work putting this together! And it raised money for KW Cares!!! I was a recipient back in 2007 when my wife got cancer. It was life changing and I have been giving back ever since!!”

—Event attendee

“It felt like a family reunion on zoom. Great practices with proven results!! Especially enjoyed the presenters who shared tools that we could access.”

—Event attendee

“I'm so glad that KW Cares exists to take care of the many, many, members of the KW family, and I love that as a KW agent, I get to be a part of a company which values relationships and service. I love the collaboration and humility, and the really great people that are part of this company.”

—Event attendee

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