KW Cares

$320,908/ $420,000

At KW, we’re one family. And family takes care of each other.

Since 2003, KW Cares has been committed to empowering, protecting, and supporting KW Family members facing financial hardship due to sudden emergencies. We have awarded over $63 million in support through financial grants and natural disaster relief.

That work is possible only with the gifts of generous donors within the KW Family.

Mo has made the call. Will you answer with a donation today?

Your gift will provide relief to KW Family members who are facing some of life’s toughest moments, including:

  • Struggling to support their family in the midst of a health crisis
  • Rebuilding after a natural disaster
  • Putting a loved one to rest without knowing where they will find funeral funds

This is the KW culture of caring. This is family helping family.

This is KW Cares.

$320,908/ $420,000

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